Jimin Ju

ARC Future Fellow, Senior Fellow, Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National UniversityResearch on mechanisms controlling marine carbon cycle, ocean circulation, atmospheric CO2, and their links to climate change on various timescales.

Andrew Roberts

Professor, Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University Diverse research in high-resolution environmental magnetic studies of ocean/climate changes on geological timescales to understand natural climate variability, including the role of atmospheric dust in climate change and natural ocean iron fertilization.

Rebecca Colvin

Lecturer, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University Research in interactions of groups of people in social and political conflict settings concerning climate and environmental issues. In particular, the role of social-political identity in shaping these interactions.

Stephen Eggins

Professor & Director, Research School of Earth Science, Australian National University Research on the use of novel isotope and trace element approaches to problems in the Earth and environmental science, including exploring adaptation and mitigation options to counter the effects of rising CO2 and related stressors in marine environments.

Michael Ellwood

Professor, Earth Sciences, College of Science, Australian National University Research on the sources and bio-availability of the key micro-nutrients and iron, and its influence on phytoplankton productivity, a key component of the marine system that moderates our climate through the ocean’s ability to drawdown carbon dioxide.

Justin Borevitz

Professor, College of Science,Australian National University Research in new methods to regenerate agro-ecological landscapes for climate resilience and carbon drawdown.

Eelco Rohling

ARC Laureate Fellow,Professor, ResearchSchool of Earth Sciences,Australian National University Research in high-resolution investigation of ocean/climate changes at geological time scales to determine the nature, timing and magnitude of natural climate variability. Theoretical and applied modelling of present-day and past states of ocean circulation and property distribution.